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This is your one and only chance to buy the limited 1st Edition Brazen Brits apparel 


Adjective; Bold and without shame


noun; British People

Edition 1 Image.png

Why do I need one of these?

  • Clothing is a great invention, you should wear it!

  • Being naked is illegal in many states and countries

  • There are no glaringly obvious, horrible advertising logos on them

  • Its an amazing christmas gift a loved on would will never forget

  • They keep you warm on cold days!

  • These will look really good on you!

  • They are great quality!

  • You'll probably get recognized by other Brazzieres when out and about

  • They show support for Natalie and Laurence

  • A small portion of the cost goes towards the costs involved in running Brazen Brits, such as:

    • Website hosting costs​

    • Camera equipment

    • Video storage costs

    • Filming and editing time (30+ hours a week)

    • Royalty free music subscription

    • Software licenses

Watch our latest video:

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