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Food and Supplements

Here are some of the products we feed our dogs or give them as supplements


These are all the exact items that we use on a daily basis and highly recommend (Unless Specified)

If you buy using the below links, we receive a very small percentage kickback from the sale at no extra cost to you

Honest Kitchen

This is what we feed our dogs, its super convenient and small to take in the travel trailer. An 8lb box makes up to 40lbs of food. 

Nature's Bounty Fish Oil

We use this one specifically as directed by Roxy's cardio doctor. She has one capsule twice a day. 

Perio Powder

Stinky breathe? yellow teeth? add a little bit of this to your dogs food to help with all that. 

YuMove Joint Support

Hands down the best joint support there is. Comes from the UK so a little bit pricey. They also offer an advanced version now which we have moved onto

Dog Asprin

Handy to have if your dog hurts themselves, or is just getting old and stiff. We don't use this daily, rather, as needed. 

Vetri Disc, Spine and Back Support

This came highly recommended to us from Roxys chiropractor. So we've stuck with it. Helps with her arthritis in her neck and spine. 

Gentle Digest

Helps with stink dog farts! Which is VERY useful in a small camper!


Helps relieve the clinical signs associated with inflammation and help your pet live a more comfortable and active life.

CANINE ACTIV Mobility Supplement

For Dogs for Exercise and Activity Induced Inflammation

Turmeric Curcumin with Ginger
Support joint and muscle health, promotes cardiovascular health and helps immune and digestive systems

Elevated food bowls

We use this for our Dobermann to help her neck so she is not to bent over ,but added bonus we can store all her pills in the food bin!

Happy Traveler

Eases separation and travel anxiety, motion sickness, and tension. We used this with our dogs on moving day to calm them.

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