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Here are some other products and things that I couldn't work out where to put in the other categories


These are all the exact items that we use on a daily basis and highly recommend (Unless Specified)

If you buy using the below links, we receive a very small percentage kickback from the sale at no extra cost to you

Dog pen

This is the little fence you see around our camper in the videos. We bought two. 

RV Step Rug

As featured on our pages. Artificial turf dries quickly and helps trap dirt and debris. Also helps old lady dogs up the camper steps!! 

Cooling bed

Handy little camp bed to put outside and keep your pets cool in the summer! 

Good price mat bed

Hand for the camper as you can throw these in the wash

Jaxs soft crate

We bought this for agility, but it has come in handy for when we were settling him into the camper lifestyle. Also for traveling in the truck. 

Dog Crate

We didn't bring Jax's hard crate. But if you are in the market for one, these are what we recommend!

Pooper Scooper

If you are getting on a bit and fed up of bending over to pick up poop, these are super handy!

Quilted seat cover

Here is the cover we bought for the truck, we did adjust it so that we can use it when the seats were up. Just took a little modification on the straps

Absorbant Mat

These are handy for those muddy days!

Paw Stickers

We put these on Roxy if she is having a particularly tough time on the wooden floors. But they do come off in the rain! So usually use them when I know we have a week of sun


We use these so we can easily switch dog tags between the dogs MANY collars

Cot bed

Great for when you are outside a lot, especially for the older dogs!

Doggie DNA Kit

This is the kit we used to find out Jax was actually a Min Pin x Dacshund mix

Magnet Collar for arthritis

This is the black collar you see Roxy wearing to help with arthritis. 

Collar Light

Hand for places that don't have much lighting

Ash Necklace

Kind of morbid, but this is the necklace you see me wearing in the videos. I removed the outer heart as it was heavy. This is where I keep some of Tylers ashes. 

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