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3 Easy Camping Cocktails!

Michelada - the hangover cure!


1 lime Ice cold Larger Tomato Juice


Hot Sauce

Rim the glass with a slice of lime and then push into a pile of salt to edge the glass.

Squeeze another slice of lime into the glass

Take half a glass of ice-cold beer, like a pilsner, and slowly add tomato juice to it.

Add a sprinkle of cracked peppercorns, and a dash of hot sauce.

Add ice cubes, mix and serve

Fancy Gin and Tonic



Tonic Water

Seasonal Berries

Slice of lime

Into your shaker add your Gin, Berries, slice of lime, ice. Close and shake.

Pour into a glass. Add the tonic water slowly. Stir and Serve.

Dark and Stormy


1 Lime

Dark Rum


Ginger Beer

Cinnamon Stick

Squeeze three lime slices into your egg cup mix with equal part sugar. Pour into the glass.

Pour one shot of rum into your glass. Add some ice. Wipe another lime wedge around the glass lip.

Pour in your Ginger Beer. Heat up your cinnamon stick and use this to stir the drink all together. Garnish with a strawberry if desired.

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