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Chesapeake Bay

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Cape Charles, Chesapeake Bay KOA

September 2019

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"Our Shake down trip. Affordable, but very nice and well cared for. Loved the beach. "

I am not going to lie the price was what first attracted us to this site. We were originally going to book Virginia Beach KOA which was $80 per night for the ‘cheap’ site, and to upgrade to the nicer ones meant also being closer to the kids play area and amenities which we are not interested in, we wanted somewhere dog friendly, remote and quiet. So when we saw that this resort offered it’s own private dog beach for the small amount of $25 per night we booked immediately.

Due to some unforeseen circumstances we didn’t end up leaving our home town of Lovettsville, Virginia until 6pm Wednesday evening. The drive to Cape Charles, including road works on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge landed us at the KOA at just past midnight. When we arrived, we obviously couldn’t see anything (not much lighting) but we spotted the hotel and pulled up alongside that so I could run in and check in.

By the door I could smell smoke. Concerned I looked around to see that the grass by the entrance was sizzling away like someone had recently put out a small fire-pit. So I went in and informed the guy on reception that his entrance was on fire. So after putting out the fire (discovering a cigarette had started it!) and trying to explain to the guy to put us somewhere away from people so we didn’t disturb anyone at now 1am. He still went ahead and put us between two other people. One side camper looked extremely run down and had many children’s toys scattered all over the front, which made it worse, so we knew we had to be extra quiet. More frustratingly 2 spaces down there was 3 empty spots. So I have no idea why he couldn’t just put us away from everyone.

Our first time setting up the camper took us well over an hour so we didn’t end up eating until 2 o’clock in the morning. But other than a leaky water outlet, the actual space was more than large enough for our 37ft Trailer and provided a small side garden, picnic table and a fire ring.

The next morning we took a wonder down to the local dog park with the pups and the sidewalks were clean and well kept, there was plenty of dog waste stations which was extremely handy because some idiot, me, forgot to bring dog poop bags! The dog park was larger than any others I have seen, however it provides no shade, and is situated right next to a main road. So it is loud. It does have several benches to sit on and plenty more waste stations.

Later that afternoon we took a wonder down to the Sandy Paws Dog Beach. Again, no one was there which was wonderful for us, we let the pups off and they LOVED it. The beach was clean, some seaweed around and a bunch of dead horseshoe crabs.

We didn’t get to check out the restaurant as we had the dogs with us. The on site restroom facilities were really clean and well maintained. We never went back to the shop/hotel either but it did look like they stocked a lot of stuff. Everyone on the campsite was very friendly, walking around in the evening, people were pleasant. We had maybe 2 incidents of people not keeping their dogs “under control” in the immediate area. Which was a little annoying as I am not sure if they were cleaning up after their dogs. So our visit was short and sweet, we left on the Sunday, check out was 11am. So only three days to explore things out of the campsite also, we went on a hike in Nassawadox and then had a lovely meal at The Great Machipongo Clam Shack (which also stocks beer and wine incase you run out!)

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