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How much 6 month Full Time RVing Costs

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

This is tailored to a trip where you will be spending money to sightsee and staying in private campgrounds!

Initial Outlay

Trailer 312BHTS $34,000

Insurance, Registration, etc $200

Generator $1,126

Diesel/Gas/Water Cans $100

Equalizer E4 $650

Sewer and Water Stuff $100

Power Connectors and cables $300

Anderson + Levellers $100

Dog Fence $300

Maintenance $100

Other $200

Total: $37,176 (Minus the Trailer $3,176)

Trip costs

Park Rent $5,558

Diesel $933

Tolls $200

Propane $60

Activities $1,000

Take Out (Lunch, dinner, coffee) $2,000

RV Maintenance $493

Truck Maintenance $485

Internet $1,394

Laundry $130

Total: $12,223

Things you could save on:

- You could probably stay at cheaper parks and for longer. Boondock (Dry Camp). Harvest Hosts or use other camp memberships.

- Gas. You can use rewards cards, grocery points. By staying longer at each place you wont be moving as much.

- Tolls, you could find alternative routes. Pay for Apps that calculate cheapest route.

- Use electric for cooking, not propane. You can buy things like the Blackstone or a Raclette to cook on - or just old fashioned grilling!

- Do less paid activities. Find cheap or free things to do locally. Trip Advisor usually has recommendations.

- Eat less Takeout. Sounds simple enough, but don't eat out so often, and if you do check on google to see the costs of each place before you go.

- Do maintenance yourself. We opted to have someone change our bearings but this is something you can easily do yourselves. Obviously some things you will have to take to a garage for but you can save money by keeping on top of the day to day stuff. The same goes for your main vehicle or the tow along vehicle.

- Cheaper Data Plan/Phone hotspot. As we mentioned we paid a lot to ensure the best coverage for Laurence's work. However a general AT&T hot spot is a lot cheaper and just fine if you only need to have minimal coverage.

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