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North Little Rock, Arkansas

Downtown Riverside RV Park

April 2020

AT&T Data speeds: 100mb Down and 80mb Upload

“Beautiful city landscape. Amazing internet. Surrounding areas a bit run down and did not feel safe”

We arrived here on the 5th April 2020.

We knew ahead of time that the laundry and restroom facilities would be shut down.

It had a nice fence and locked gates from 4pm. The office was closed also due to COVID. Nothing to say we couldn't put up the fence. But all the sites are patio and gravel. No Grass. We requested a river back in site as it was only an extra few dollars. The site was pretty level.

The view was beautiful! At night the bridge lights up and it's not as loud as you'd expect. The surrounding areas are a big dangerous. A lot of people said the walk over the bridge was worth doing however due to the interesting activity, I chose not to risk it. A few days later they found a body in the river behind us. So I am glad I didn't risk it.

The internet is AMAZING 100mb down and like 80mb up. So we aired our first live stream here:

To see what video equipment we use please visit the stuff we use tab. IG: @Brazenbrits Twitter: @Brazenbrits Tiktok: @Brazenbrits Facebook: To buy us a coffee! -

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