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Updated: Jul 22, 2023

I hope this reaches you before you hit that buy button but we have been forced to keep publishing about this because various companies on Facebook have stolen one of our YouTube Videos and are using it to sell a fence for $29.99 (varies) which doesn't even exist.

They are so smart now that all the comments even look legit. Of course they block any that mention that they happen to be fraudulent. Whats most shocking about this is even though thousands have been conned and more have reported these companies to Facebook, Facebook are NOT REMOVING THEM!

So far these are the Companies we know about:

- WokValue F

- Stereodrip

- Studentbuyfair

- Antique Vocational School

- Boeietos

- Fylfid

- Online Wholesale

We will keep listing them as the are brought to our attention. For now all I ask if that you keep reporting these videos. We will keep messaging Facebook on all platforms and hopefully soon Facebook will crack down on these scam artists.

Here is a link to the RV Dog fence we actually recommend:

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