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RV Luxuries

These are additions to our setup that we really love and would definitely buy again. Although they will probably make your life a little easier, they aren't needed to have a great time

These are all the exact items that we use on a daily basis and highly recommend (Unless Specified)

If you buy using the below links, we receive a very small percentage kickback from the sale at no extra cost to you

1 - RV Lock for main door 

I didn't think these were worth the money, but it was already installed on our Grand Design 312BHTS and I'm not sure I could live without it now. Its so simple to lock and open and I'd say is more secure than a standard lock. I hated carrying around keys for the storage lockers that I bought two more for those!

2 - RV Lock for storage compartment

As above but for the storage compartments.

3 - Westinghouse Dual Fuel Generator

We haven't had to use this often, but we plan to more in the future if we boondock. I'm shocked at how efficient it is! I plan to do a full review when I get to use it more so I can be fully transparent with its quirks and features!

4 - Heated Fresh Water hose

I thought about getting the heated tape and insulation, but as we move so often, this is so much easier to setup, packup and store. 

5 - MOR/Ryde Steps

We didn't realize how much we hated the fold out steps and how much they bounce when using them. These eliminate bouncing and instability. They fold up into the trailer, which allowed us to use the space that the steps used to take up for more storage They have a 500 pound weight capacity and have easily adjustable feet if you're on uneven terrain.

6 - Raclette Electric Grill

As seen in Episode 11, we use this often when we just want a quick healthy meal, which is usually on moving day once we have got setup. It heats up quickly. You can cook on top and melt cheese underneath. 

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