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Toys and Chews

Here are some of our favourite dog toys and chews to keep your pups busy!


These are all the exact items that we use on a daily basis and highly recommend (Unless Specified)

If you buy using the below links, we receive a very small percentage kickback from the sale at no extra cost to you

Lamb chop!

Always a favourite with EVERY DOG.


I like the sound of these, much better than the ear piercing squeek! 

Hide a Squirrel

Our dogs LOVE getting these small squirrels out and then just running around with them. This toy and the bee one has lasted a long time!


For the tougher chewers, an antler is always a good option!

Bully Sticks

So much safer than rawhides. They do stink, but thats what makes the dogs love them so much!

Knuckle Bones

Large bones, keep your dogs occupied for HOURS

Pill Pockets

Great for hiding those pesky tablets!

Tricky Treat Ball

Keep your pups engaged on those rainy boring days!

The PetSafe Tug-A-Jug

This interactive toy can be filled with small treats or kibble to keep your dog busy or to slow down his meals

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