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Alvarado, Texas

TX Ranch RV Park

March 2020

AT&T Data speeds: 3mb Down and 15mb upload

“Has a lot of potential. But a bit of a swamp right now”

Back to road noise, oh how I hadn’t missed that. Upon pulling up internet was dire. 3mb down and 15up. Sunday the office was closed, but a note directed us to our site. Which are large and roomy, with a picnic bench. However it had clearly rained a lot the last few days and we just skimmed the grass which lead to a mud pile around our site.

Fences are allowed – win win! But the “Patch” of grass is a mossy muddy lake at the moment, so I only allowed the dogs a small patch of grass. Also the picnic bench is miles away from the hookup so thats odd. The facilities here include Laundry, playground, Showers, dog park, and a clubhouse/pool which wasn’t open yet. But I am sure will look amazing when it is!

Unfortunately upon arrival, our dog Roxy, bloated and we had to rush her to the urgent vet. Which in Mansfield was only about 20 minutes away. She has surgery and we are awaiting the outcome. This has kind of put a damper on this visit so far. It’s cold, wet, foggy and miserable. So I will update this when we finally (hopefully) get some sunshine and I can get some better photos! Until then, certainly not our favourite.

There are plenty of poop bins and poo bags around the site which I always appreciate.

The lady on reception was very nice, she lives on site. She leant us a cable to watch local TV.

So the week did get better but the park never really dried out completely. Which meant a week of muddy boots and paws!

The dog park was a nice size and on the days Roxy was well enough to walk down to the park, she enjoyed it!

There was also a couple of spin bikes and restrooms in the clubhouse. I used the spinbikes one day and they closed it down the very next day due to #coronavirus. So that kinda sucked (and yes I did disinfect the machine before and after!)

Internet was kind of bad. But useable. Location was ok.

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