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Texas City, Texas

Galveston RV Resort and Marina

March 2020

AT&T Data speeds: 35mb Down and 10mb upload

“A little bit of tropical paradise in Texas”

We arrived Sunday 8th March. The office was closed, and after a few phone calls I managed to get hold of someone who said I was in site 77. So we went round and saw a lovely little back in site on the bay which was nice. It was extremely windy so we just wanted to get set up quickly and settled. However the power didn't work. Again after calling the mobile number a few times we managed to get the maintenance guy to come out. In the mean time all our "Neighbours" had come over offering help and advise.

I took this opportunity to check out the facilities. Nice big laundry room with several washers and dryers however all were being used. The restrooms were nice and clean and they have a huge community room with slot machines, a few pieces of gym equipment, jig saw puzzles and leaflets on the surrounding areas.

An hour or so later they had fixed the power (the ground had come out) and we began setting up. The wind didn't help my mood so much, but it was pretty. We took a quick walk down to the dog park, which was huge! and the pools are just beautiful, look like they have dropped out of paradise island.

The lady in the office was super friendly and helpful with local knowledge for nearby stores and where to and not to go.

You are close to Galveston Island, which unfortunately was deserted thanks to Coronavirus. The Gym was 25 minutes away so not convenient, the local store HEB was about 15 minutes away and their local off-license is SPECS

About 50 minutes from Houston, which we attended the rodeo and then had our car broken into. So wont be going back there! Super close to the space center and Johnson space museum.

Overall the resort was amazing. I unfortunately caught a cold on the Tuesday and was sick all week so we didn't get to enjoy it. But the large dog park meant the dogs didn't have to miss out and got to burn off some energy. The neighbours were just so so pleasant and the fishing opportunities here are plentiful!

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