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Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Hollywood Casino Gulf Coast RV Park

February 2020

AT&T Data speeds: 35mb Down and 15mb upload

“Way better than we expected. Safe, secure, spacious.”

Finally we've left Florida! We travelled briefly through Alabama to get here, but now we are at our next destination, which is our resort close to New Orleans. I had no idea what to expect from a casino RV park, in fact I overlooked it immediately but the Laurence told me they were actually nice and it could be fun to film an episode at a casino. So here we are. We arrived 9th February 2020 but the office was closed. There was a sign saying to use the phone in the laundry room round the corner. Anyway the guy gave us the site number, and as we drove round we noticed a slightly nicer spot, so we called back and they agreed to move us.

So anyway here is our spot:

It's huge! No sand! No mud! Nice level patio and we can put the full fence out.

They have laundry facility although only two washers and two dryers. The restrooms were nice, and central to the site! The security guard drives past about every twenty minutes it feels like.

The area to walk the dogs is large also but no fenced in area for the dogs. All on-leash although some people have let their dogs off to play fetch.

Take the dogs down to Bay St. Louis, there is a huge beach and you can run the dogs on there. I think it's 6 minutes away by car.

Our AT&T Pepwave router was getting 35mb down and 15mb up. Park Wifi is very good too!

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