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Beaumont, Texas

Gulf Coast RV resort

March 2020

AT&T Data speeds: 35mb Down and 10mb upload

“Very tidy, clean, well kept campsite.”

First impressions are good! We arrived late Sunday 1st March, local area looking a bit run down again, but we turned the corner and the site was large, spacious and tidy.

The office was nice and clean, the receptionist was very polite and kind, the rate for this places is about $34 per night. Good Sams, weekly & monthly discounts available. You get a key card for Laundry and restrooms. Laundry room only has 4 washers and dryers which is not a lot for a park of this size.

The site spaces are concrete with patio and picnic bench. But they are not very big there are no fence rules though, yay! Sites are level & all pullthroughs.

Monday morning, 8am promptly the lawnmowers, leafblowers and edgers were out in force which in turn caused a very grumpy husband. After checking the site rules quiet times are 10pm-7am on this resort, so if you like your lay ins, don't bank on it! Also there is a huge baseball field right next door, so lots of crowd cheering on Sunday and through to the evening.

There is another huge dog walking field at the back of the resort, and a small off-leash dog park.

You have to take your own trash to the dumpsters. and only a few small trash bins around the reception area.

There was a pool there, that looked like people were using it, but I didn't check it out. Also a free breakfast 7:30-9:30 every morning in the community room.

You are several minutes away from Cattail Marsh which is full of wild gators, egrets, muskrats, ducks, absolutely stunning area. 100% recommend.

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