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Chiefland, Florida

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Breezy Acres RV Park

January 2020

AT&T Data speeds: 75mb down and 4mb upload

“Small campground, good local space for the dogs. Good amenities, friendly people”

When I saw this was the park map, I must admit, I was nervous! We pulled up to Breezy Acres on Friday 17th January, and the office was closed.

Here we go again, I thought! However the office manager Mary suddenly appeared and got us checked in! After some faffing we ended up on site G. Which had a lovely big field behind it and plenty of room for the dogs. We could set up a full fence again. The site is grass and sand and was not level. But it wasn’t far off!

The campsite itself is small, so not much to report. It has toilets, showers, (old but clean)  4 washing machines and 4 dryers. All worked fine during our visit and the office has quarters. The trash is a trailer to the side of the campsite that you have to take out yourself.

Everyone was extremely friendly they host different things every night of the week so there is always something to do. There is a quiet road that runs alongside the campsite which is a fantastic area to run/walk the dogs

Surprisingly we had really good internet on our pepwave (the campground wifi is apparently rubbish) but we were getting 75mb down and 4mb up.

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