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Everglades National Park, Florida

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Long Pine Key Campground

December 2019

AT&T Data speeds: 5mb down 0mb up

“Beautiful location. Cheap. No hookups. But in the "Wilderness" feeling to it”

Well, I was worried I would prefer the national parks and... I was absolutely right. For the first time since this trip we finally had a "private" yard. and quiet, actual peace and quiet. No car doors slamming, beeping, people yelling, screaming, kids messing about and although your not meant to I felt perfectly comfortable letting the dogs go outside off leash to do their business with no fence. To be honest there wasn't much point in putting our fence up as we were stopping for one night.

Anyway, I found this site on yelp. It was $20 per night with no hookups and had a shady online paying system but I am so glad we did it rather than staying at a Walmart, which all the locals had warned us we would definitely get robbed! But needless to say I was nervous this booking was also a scam. When we arrived (a grueling 7 hours later) there was a half built concrete shed and a shipping container. But much to my surprise a very friendly lady came over and handed us our reservation. She said there was fresh water to fill up our tank and dump station round the other side but we could essentially stay where we wanted as the park was empty. Something I was shocked about for the christmas period! Unfortunately we arrived in the dark again, but after some hollering at each other we managed to get parked up. The space was not long enough for us to leave the truck hooked up, despite me booking the largest site I could.

So we parked up and immediately got the generator going as I was freaking out about the fridge and freezer defrosting. You can run generators 8am-8pm on this site. Another problem we faced was that we had forgotten to buy gas for said generator! Doh! So we put just under a gallon in there and hoped for the best (and it lasted!!)

Nothing blocking the sites which was nice, no trees to navigate or concrete posts, just a driveway/pavement essentially. Despite being in a car all day we were both pretty shattered and retired early.

We did have one couple opposite in a tent, but they left 6am next morning and then there was literally no one around us. We had a lovely walk in the morning and on the way out saw a beautiful great white Egret and an alligator just hanging by the side of the road. That made my birthday extra special!

The cell service was non existent yet our pepwave router managed to pick up 5mb of data, so our phones were usable but we didn't risk the xboxs for the night. To see what video equipment we use please visit the stuff we use tab. IG: @Brazenbrits Twitter: @Brazenbrits Tiktok: @Brazenbrits Facebook: To buy us a coffee! -

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