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Fort Myers, Florida

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Calusa Cove RV Park & Campgrounds

December 2019

AT&T Data speeds: NON EXISTENT

“Creepy, badly managed. Full of full timers who don't care for their sites. But a nice hideaway if you want to be off grid but close to stores”

We arrived at Calusa Cove around 5pm on 29th December 2019. Initially we could not find the office. But I found a resident who advised us it was the first "House" on the left. (It's not obvious) The office was closed and there was nothing left to show us where to go. So I called a few numbers and got hold of a lady who came out of a house behind the office. She had no recollection of our reservation or who we were. Bear in mind they had cashed the deposit check on the 20th December!

So the next few minutes were odd. It was like she just guessed where we could go and tried to squeeze us in between a tree and a trashy old camper. We managed to angle the camper to give us a little more "yard" area. However this meant using hose extensions as all the hookups were on the wrong side.

Once again it rained when we setting up and by the time we got everything organised thats when we realised the worst part. NO INTERNET. As you may or may not know Laurence has to work from the camper, so no internet means he would have to travel into town to make all his calls. So Laurence was understandably upset about this.

Hence me making frantic calls monday morning to find a new site.

I took a walk around. Online websites had said they had a washroom and laundry. But they really don't, so you have to be self contained.

The site was pretty level for grass and I liked having a grass site after the gravel in the last one cut Roxys paw pads up. and it was quiet! no road noise, not busy with people. Busy with mosquitos however. This has been the worst place we've been bitten for sure.

But we didn't feel safe in this resort, the run down trailers, lack of street lamps and mobile homes around us didn't help that feeling. Costing $50 per night I had hoped for more. I don't think this was worth the money, you are still 50 minutes away from the islands, however only 10 minutes from shops. I will give Micah, the groundsman, a shoutout. He was very kind and helpful, he even tried to make the trashy camper less of an eye sore for us by tidying up the area himself. He also did inform me that there was one computer, restroom and a washer right down the end of our "road" by the entrance, but unfortunately we had already secured a new site.

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