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Lake Panasoffkee, Florida

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Lake Pan RV Village, i75 Campground

January 2020

AT&T Data speeds: 5mb down and 2mb upload

“Plenty of space, but lots of road noise. Campground was clean, dog friendly, and pool was a nice touch”

When we first turned up I remember feeling a little disappointed after the last resort we had stayed at, but I had to keep reminding myself this was a cheaper place for us to re cooperate for 2 weeks. They put us right next to the main road, which is loud, however the amount of space we had to ourselves was vast. 

I actually ended up really liking this resort. The staff were all super friendly, it's big enough to do a few laps with the dogs every morning and evening and feel like they got a decent walk. It was easy to jog round to keep up with our fitness.

The restrooms and facilities were just a little far to walk, though I did on a few occasions, but for the laundry I had to drive over. The credit card slots on the machines never worked for me, but the office was always happy to swap out my notes for quarters, and she explained about how the wifi doesn't always reach the laundry area very well. The pool was warm and tidy, I enjoyed a few afternoons there nattering to various people. 

The Dog Park was very cute! I love that they utilized the size by adding some fun apparatus in there! Also having an agility dog, it was a great little space to work on some weaves and recall. 

We ventured down to the boat dock one evening but someone warned us there was an alligator that lurked down there and various snakes. So we didn't get to close and I didn't bother going back down with the dogs after that. 

The internet was average, we were panicking as we pulled up and both our AT&T Phones dropped to one bar. But once we backed into our spot we got around 2 bars, and our pepwave router picked up about 5mb. So it was usable. The campground Wifi was not however, we couldn't even pick it up from our spot. 

They collect the trash every morning for you by 10:30am. There are a bunch of dog waste stations and poop trash bins scattered around the walkways. They also provide a bunch of activities for you to do every morning and evening. We unfortunately missed the weekend breakfast, but I heard it was really good. 

We were on grass / sand again so we had to spend a bit of time getting the trailer level but as you can see from the top photo we had a bunch of space. Initially we didn't have a picnic table but when I enquired at the office they bought a brand new one over straight away. 

The only other thing I didn't quite understand was the rate. I had seen on their website it was between $35-$40 depending on the site, however we ended up paying nearly $45 and I am not sure why. I wish I had looked into more detail when we arrived, but we are always tired and just want to get set up when we arrive at a new site. 

Overall I really enjoyed this campground. They had good facilities, it was clean, the pool was nice, and the location was great. We were about 8 minutes from Bushnell, so I could use the anytime fitness there and there was a walmart supercenter etc. We went to Ocala (30 minutes) one day to buy some new sneakers. We went to Leesburg (20 minutes) one evening for a car show. We even went to Tampa for the RV show which was only 55 minutes away. 

I attended various hikes around the area with the dogs, again the reception are great at giving you local recommendations for restaurants, hiking, groceries and other things to do, like wineries. So other than the road noise, which was to be expected as it is situated right next to the i75. I would recommend the campsite if you are taking a break from traveling. 

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