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New Iberia, Louisiana

KOC Kampground

February 2020

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“Had everything we needed but a lot of full timers who were not particularly friendly. Place felt a little off. Surrounding area run down and abandoned”

Urgh, back to the daily grind, missing my casino RV desperately!!

We arrived after a MISERABLE journey into Lafayette the i10 was hideous, the camper bounced all over the place and it was killing our backs. When we arrived in New Iberia, it was derelict. Reminded me of Walking dead. Laurence was getting particularly nervous as we finally swung round down the road towards our campsite that didn't seem to exist. But it did! It looked nothing like the photos (do they ever?) but it existed!

So I ran into the office, clutching my back in agony from the journey. The lady inside was very friendly and actually the price was refreshing seeing as the casino ended up costing a little more than I thought! With all the good sams etc it worked out about $26 per night. The first spot they chose for us was hideous, not level at all and right next to a dump station, so I went in and asked to be moved, which they did immediately. The next spot was ok. Backed onto a canal, although not as you imagine, it was full of rubbish and behind it were factories.

Overall the campsite was well kept, mowed; trash collected promptly, a HUGE Field to walk the dogs.

A tidy man-made lake (which does have alligators) swing set for the kids and a pool, which looked pretty shut down. Laundry and Restrooms on site, which does states that it is for tenants only. Bit dark and dingy, but clean and usable. I noticed in the laundry a sign that read don't leave clothes unattended or they will be moved. I thought that was weird until I went to use a dryer and all of them were finished but still full of clothes. Luckily by the time I went to get quarters and returned, one person had emptied their dryer.

First impressions sadly are not great. We have been a little spoiled at our last place with a nice big grass area to put the fence up, and mainly no neighbours! Here, we can put the fence up, although part is gravel which is no good for Roxys paws, we have neighbours either side, who again, to be fair, aren't as trashy as some of the campers we've been placed next to in the past!

Clearly a lot of full timers, people with bits and bobs all around their campers, no ones waves, nods or even smiles, everyone seems pretty miserable? the noise of the factories is loud as well as the road noise. Also some of the residents feel it necessary to either blast down the side roads on their motorcycles or drive past very slowly with the radio blaring. Every day we've seen 2 or 3 loose dogs. One black lab was lunging at something in the lake with no apparent sign of the owner. A yellow lab roams the camp grounds, again no owner in sight. Due to this there is a lot of dog poop in the field, so watch your step!

Location actually ended up not being too bad. My gym was 8 minutes away. Groceries 9 minutes away. Tractor supply with propane next door. Lovely local restaurants (we recommend Bon Creole!) and the Tabasco Factory and gardens was absolutely amazing!

But for the price, I cant complain really.

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