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Pine Island, Florida

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Fort Myers / Pine Island KOA Holiday

December 2019 - January 2020

AT&T Data speeds: 35mb down and 4mb upload

“Large Campground, very tidy and clean. Friendly people, good amenities. Beautiful pool and lovely wildlife around the lakes”

So this was the only resort available over the New Years period. I had seen mixed reviews on the campsite but we had to get away from the other campsite (see previous review) so we just went for it. 


Upon arriving we immediately had a breath of fresh air. The sites were surprisingly big, the resort was large and everything was so nice and clean! This campsite offers a variety of amenities. Around the main office you can purchase been and wine, there is a medium sized pool which was never very busy and plenty of chairs. There was toys and games around, a kids playground, a large dog park, tennis courts and a large laundry room which ACCEPTED CARD!!! Yay!! in fact, even better the washers and dryers had an app which linked to their individual QR codes, so I never needed to bring my wallet at all! Oh and a break room in there with loads of games and books to pass the time. 

One point was that in the rush to get here and get set up for New years eve we put up our fence for the dogs, and shortly after when reading all the "Rules" I noticed you are actually not allowed fences or dog pens here. We decided forgiveness was better than permission in this instance and no one asked us to take it down, if anything we had several compliments on how pretty the fence was! 

The restrooms were a short walk from our site and they were clean and nice and big, plenty of leg room this time!

They have recently changed their trash policy, you have to take your trash to the dumpsters at the main office. The site was not level and did need some tweaking, a concrete patio and picnic table was provided on every site. This was the hardest site to back into so far however. 

Internet AT&T speeds are 35mb down and 4mb upload

They do have on site free wifi & cable and all that fun stuff that we never use. 

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