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Savannah, Georgia

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Savannah Oaks RV Resort

December 2019

AT&T Data speeds: 17mb down 12mb up

We arrived at the Savannah Oaks RV resort in the afternoon on December the 8th 2019. We stopped at the office and I ran in to confirm everything. The three ladies on the desk were ever so friendly and helpful. Seeing is this is our first non KOA (Kampgrounds of America) site I was a little nervous. But they made everything simple and even escorted us to our site.

We were located right beside the laundry house and restrooms. Which was handy. The Laundry room could use a little updating but the restrooms were lovely and very clean. There are plenty of trash places around and looks like collection is daily. I was surprised to see the pool still open in December but judging by the amount of leaves in there I wouldn't say anyone uses it.

I did like the dog wash station located by the laundry room, however I am not sure I'd let my dogs swim in the lake here. For one I am already scared of Alligators and 2, it looked pretty swampy.

The dog park was cute, on the smaller side from some of the other sites we've been too. But again, a minute walk away and so the pups could have a little more freedom. Anyway, this morning our fridge broke, and as Laurence went out to fix it he bumped into some neighbours who asked us if we heard the commotion last night. Having no idea what he was on about we enquired, and he told us of a couple across the "road" who had been arguing and then around 10pm a very drunk lady banging on their camper because she was lost. I must say, I am extremely thankful that didn't happen to us. However I will be keeping my guard up on this site.

Day 1 was lovely, I went and took some pictures to test out my new camera, then had some spare time to update these blogs.

That evening it was hot, so I opened the bedroom window. I noticed the strong smell of sewage. Something that Laurence had complained of since day 1 but I hadn't noticed. Anyway this particular night it was over whelming so I had to close the bedroom door. We still cannot work out exactly where it is coming from. We can smell it outside but don't think it's from our camper and honestly we havn't used the toilet in our camper as the restrooms on site have been so close. So that one is a bit of a mystery.

Fridge/Freezer is still broken. Ran out this morning to the on site office and purchased some ice to tide us over. We used the on-site RV Technician Rick, he was superb and came out as soon as he could. Unfortunately it was bad news and we do need a whole new unit. But I do recommend Ricks RV service, he was prompt, knew his stuff and very helpful!

The sites were very level here but not much space for your "yard" area. Great internet and the shop on site was very useful!

Our pepwave router with ATT internet was getting 17mb down 12mb up.

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