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Sugarloaf Key, Florida

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Lazy Lakes RV Resort

December 2019

AT&T Data speeds: around 15mb

“Pretty site. Lots of wildlife, lovely dog walk, friendly people. But unkept and messy areas, restrooms are awful”

So from looking at the campground map, we could already tell this was going to be a more claustrophobic campground. It was more touristy and commercial than we had been used to.

We arrived 2pm Sunday 22nd December. Once again it was raining. Does it ever not rain in Florida?! The lady on the check out had our reservation incorrect however fortunately it was right on her computer. We were in a site next to the lake, which I thought would be pretty but as other reviews have suggested it is more like a gravel pit that they just filled with water.

I still couldn't be certain that there was no alligators in there as all around the campsite is marshlands. So I still didn't want to risk letting the dogs swim, which was annoying. Most of the campsite was gravel, which I hadn't noticed before but was starting to play havoc on Roxys feet. So I will have to go out and buy her some boots today. The campsite was fairly level, we did need to raise on side up about an inch. It was very hard to get the camper into the space, thank goodness there was no one opposite us so we could use that to pull forward and straighten up.

And then the storms came, and I ultimately regretted being next to a lake! It hammered it down for hours, I did wonder if someone would come get us if the campsite flooded? But alas it stopped around midnight and when I went out the lake wasn't much higher than when we arrived!

Whilst putting the fence up the next morning I could get a good look at our spot. I cant say I was overly impressed. Cigarette butts everywhere, bottle caps, glass. I often wonder why the check outs are so early and the check ins are so late because I can safely say here it was not to clean up the site, thats for sure. The Table had random bolts in it, the chair was broken. For a place that charges $120 per night we were pretty disappointed.

When Laurence went over to the restrooms, he came back pretty promptly and said he would not be using them. You cant see it but there is no room for your legs!

However if you overlooked all of that, there was some charm to the place. Put the old blinkers on and focus on this side:

There were large iguanas around the resort, and a pretty dog walk around the "lake" The dog poop bins are just buckets each end of the walk. The laundry services worked, although old again. The dryers were a bit naff, but we had plenty of space to hang the washing out. The staff were very friendly and helpful when I had post delivered there. Which happened to be some boots for our old dog as her pads got ripped up on the gravel.

Its located about 30 minutes from Key West, and there are no dog friendly beaches or hikes locally.

Internet was good. On our pep wave router we were getting around 15mb.

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