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Tallahassee, Florida

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Tallahassee East Campground

January - February 2020

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“It was average. The sandy sites got old quick, lots of dog poop around, nice facilities, lots of children around and noisy. ”

So I originally wanted to go to "A Campers World" However after calling the office they informed me that you cannot make reservations there, it was first come first serve. However their sister site Tallahassee East had some availability. It was a little more expensive, but it was similar location. So I quickly checked Campendium to make sure they had internet there and went ahead and booked.

THEN I read the reviews. Oh silly silly me. I was shocked at how bad the reviews are. Things like "the campground is deficient in many areas - dirt roads in poor condition, rutted grass sites, unappealing appearance, overpriced" "This is a very run-down former KOA. The park is in very poor condition" "No TV, no WiFi. The sites are a over grown mess, weeds up to mid calf, roads are in bad condition"

We persevered, seeing as I had paid anyway, and actually it was $230 for the week, so not terrible ($33 per night) So not as cheap as the last place, but not expensive.

Luckily it wasn't as horrific as I had imagined! When we pulled up it reminded me of a crappier version of Savannah Oaks, lots of trees, grass and sandy sites. The hookup was a bit odd, the sewage was miles away from the power and electric. But the site was large, we could put the full fence out if we wish, but I didn't bother as this is not somewhere I would sit outside and relax. In fact we quickly got sick of the sand after 3 days of rain, most of it ended up in our camper!

We are close to the kids playground which means screaming from 2pm onward every day and all day on the weekends. and the road noise is BAD. I thought the i75 campground was bad as we were right next to the main road. But this is worse and our site is kind of in the middle. So that disappointing. HOWEVER they have a lovely dog walk and grassy area (not fenced) for the dogs to explore. They had a long driveway which meant we could do our Couch to 5k not having to jog past people.

Most of the other trailers here looked full time and run down. The people next to us had plants and junk all around their site. Overall it was fairly empty so I am not sure how there sounded like 1000 screaming children at the playground everyday. The noise of the swings wants to make you rip your ears off.

Overall I wouldn't stay here for a holiday. The pool is open in the summer but it does need a lick of paint. They really have tried hard around the office to spruce it up and the ladies at the desk were friendly and nice. They have laundry service here, and dumpsters where you have to take your own trash. Though one of the washers did break when I inserted some coins. The reception and handyman were quick to rectify the situation.

Starting to understand why people don't like Sandy sites.

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