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Otter Springs Park & Campground

Trenton, Florida

This place is a dog heaven. From what I can see no pet restrictions, other than the usual kept under control & they are not allowed in the pool etc. Also I will say this is the first place to actually ask me for copies of the boys vaccines.

We took advantage of the kayak rentals and paddled the OtterSprings to the river, only $15 for the kayaks for 4 hours. Absolute bargain.

The internet is terrible. We tried Visible, ATT hotspot and our phones and it was pretty bad everywhere.

The toilets are about what you would expect at a recreational campground. The laundry facilities were out of order. They do have a heated very large pool.

Sites are sandy which is a bit of a pain with dogs as it meant sweeping the rig daily & when it rained we just bought ALLLLL the sand inside.

There is a short hike to the beautiful Otter Springs which you can swim in & fish further down the spring, also a large storage field out back which was perfect to let the dogs have a good run around.

We were actually here overall for a check donation for the forVets who are using this space for the camp valor project. You can read more about that HERE and make a donation if you would like.

Please remember ALL proceeds of our RED Friday t-shirts go to veteran organizations like this & hopefully many more in the future.

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