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RV Dog Fence

Surprisingly, one of the most common questions we get is all about the temporary fence that we use around our rig to keep our dogs contained on our camp site. We go into all the sexy details about the fence and if we like it or don't like it in this weeks episode.

The fence that use we recommend:

The dog "Pen" :

MorRyde Step covers:

Of the 20 or so campsites we have been too, only 2 stated "no fences" on the guides they give you upon arrival. However one we didn't see until after we had set it up and they never asked us to remove it.

These are the panels, they are pretty sturdy.

And these are the stakes, I will say that on occasion we have pushed too hard and the balls on the top do crush!

The fence is starting to look a little tatty now but that is because after we returned from our 6 month trip we actually used the fence at our home. So it has been out on the farm through 3 snowstorms, dust, mud and turkeys perching on it!

Full video here:



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